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Customize Your Goods Transports With Us

Enql app is your savior to transport all kinds of goods and materials without struggling with searching for the suitable way to transport your goods according to their kind, and requesting for the qualified laborers in case goods require disassembly and assembly.

With Enql, you can choose the transportation price that suits you from different offers on the app, the goods type and their transportation conditions according to their type, the pick up point and the destination point addresses, date and time of delivery, the number of laborers required and many more options according to the goods and materials kind, such as: clothes, equipment, furniture, construction materials, agricultural crops, liquid materials, etc..

Why Enql Is Your Best Choice?

You Are In Charge

Using Enql provides you the chance to set your standards to your transports from price and goods and materials types to number of laborers and delivery date and time.

Superior Quality

As quality is everything that matters, we ensure that all goods transports are safe with us due to our experience with handling all goods kinds and types.

Affordable Prices

In case you are concerned about overpricing, our mission is to provide affordable prices with the highest quality that satisfy your expectations.

How To Use The App Perfectly

To ensure that you get totally benefit from Enql app, watch the following video that shows how to use the app.


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